Online Boiler Cleaning

The Problem

Boiler tube bundles that are heavily fouled will compromise your generating capacity due to poor heat exchange and/or high pressure drop.  With extreme fouling, your plant may need to be taken offline. 

Change of fuel, especially to biomass, can exacerbate fouling problems, and installed equipment such as rappers or soot blowers may not be up to the task of keeping the gas path free and ensuring good heat transfer.  Ash deposits and fouling (e.g. "eye brows") around the burners in coal power plants can create health and safety issues during shut down and maintenance.  Combined Cycle Gas Turbine boilers suffer from rust deposits on the finned tube bundles, exacerbated by repeated start ups and shut downs. 

The Solution

KRR ProStream delivers quick and effective online boiler cleaning using Pressure Wave Technology (PWT). PWT is offered in two formats:

  • KRR Mobile PWT can be deployed at short notice and is ideal for lower cleaning frequencies. 
  • KRR Fixed PWT is suitable for sites where a high frequency of detonations is required.  These are created according to a pre-calculated schedule by a series of units that are affixed permanently to the boiler/furnace. 

When used for online boiler cleaning, both systems offer an impressive array of benefits:

  • No shut down - plant availability is maintained
  • No start up/shut down fuel bills
  • No extra ash disposal costs
  • No expensive manual cleaning costs
  • No odour release - bunker remains under negative pressure
  • Waste processing capacity is unaffected
  • No waste diversion
  • Generation is unaffected
  • Overall plant efficiency is improved
  • H&S risks associated with shut down are avoided

Additionally, KRR Mobile PWT can also be employed to save time and money during shut downs with the following benefits: 

  • Reduced manual cleaning requirements
  • Done before shut down or during cooling cycle - no waiting time
  • Ash disposed of through normal ash transport system
  • Ensures safe access for operator and contractors
  • Removes need for abseilers
  • Avoids delays caused by reliance on manual methods
  • An effective precursor to manual cleaning 

Please view the associated pages or contact us to find out more about our online boiler cleaning services.