Pulp & Paper

Many large pulp and paper manufacturers operate on-site cogeneration facilities in order to supply the heat and power needs of their plant.   In some cases these facilities use gas as a fuel, but biomass and waste from the site's manufacturing process are also frequently employed as a feedstock.  Where this is the case, the full panoply of KRR ProStream services can be utilised to optimise power generation and reduce the probability of unplanned shut downs.

In recent years KRR ProStream has undertaken several successful cleaning projects at paper and timber processing facilities, including a large chipboard manufactory in Scotland and the paper mill responsible for producing the bulk of all UK newsprint.  Projects usually involve the application of Mobile PWT in the furnace of the power generating plant, but KRR ProStream can also assist in other areas, for example, by using KRR HPCO2 to remove blockages in feedstock areas.

View our plant schematic for an overview of the various different areas where we can intervene, or contact us to discuss performance enhancing services for your on-site generating plant.