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Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) boilers suffer from rust deposits on the finned tubes. This can happen particularly when a plant is situated near the coast and is exacerbated by repeated startups and shut downs.

Normal cleaning methods such as CO2 blasting or chemical cleaning require a long shut down and cost a great deal in contractor fees and lost generation income. They also require scaffolding to be erected which makes the job even longer.

Finned Tubes Before Cleaning
Finned Tubes After Cleaning

Pressure Wave Technology or Bang&Clean® can quickly and effectively clean the fin tubes in HRSG boilers. The cleaning operation is carried out much faster than these conventional methods of cleaning mentioned above.  The fouling on the tubes is removed by a series of ‘Bangs’ using different lances that can access any area within the boiler. Removing the Iron Oxide and sulphur debris is simple and fast; it is simply vacuumed up and removed from the site for safe disposal.

Bang&Clean® has been applied successfully in over 20 HRSGs throughout Europe with excellent results in terms of material removed in a short time, pressure drop across the whole boiler being reduced and in one notable case, plant efficiency was increased from 495MW to 660MW.

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(Photo courtesy of Dublin Bay Power)