Shock Pulse Generators

Shock Pulse Generators (SPGs) are designed for the continuous online cleaning of power plants and replace other systems such as soot blowers, rappers, shot and shower cleaning. We can supply, install, commission and maintain SPG systems based on the technology developed by Swiss engineering firm Explosion Power GmbH. There are several sizes of SPGs depending on each plants’ cleaning objectives- EG10, EG10L, EG10XL and TwinL.

SPGs are particularly effective in keeping the areas where they are installed clear of blockages. Unlike shower cleaning and soot blowers, SPG cleaning introduces no moisture to the boiler, helping prevent blockages downstream. Compared to soot blowers the erosion of tubes is greatly reduced. SPGs also eliminate the blocking problem which can be present in shot cleaning systems as no additional material is injected into the boiler.

Servicing and maintenance of SPGs can take place outside the periodic shut down in Energy from Waste and Energy from Biomass plants.

SPGs are applicable to the following sectors:

  • Energy from Waste
  • Energy from Biomass
  • Coal Fired Power Stations
  • Cement Producers

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