Shock Pulse Generators

Shock Pulse Generators (SPGs) are designed to perform round-the-clock cleaning of power plants using pressurised gas combustion and replace other systems such as soot blowers, rappers, shot and shower cleaning. Unlike these other maintenance systems, the SPGs do not introduce any moisture or foreign material and are therefore less likely to cause blockages or erosion to boiler tubes. We can supply, install, commission, and maintain SPG systems based on the technology developed by Swiss engineering firm Explosion Power GmbH. The new SPGr series utilises a direct filling method that mixes gases within the combustion chamber, allowing a more compact and robust design for simpler and increased installation capability.

The Shock Pulse Generator discharge nozzle is introduced through the
boiler wall. The shock pulse is discharged into the boiler, and the
pressure wave propagates throughout the local area, impacting on
deposits and heat transfer surfaces, removing fouling on a regular
automated basis.

SPGs are applicable to the following sectors:

  • Energy from Waste
  • Energy from Biomass
  • Coal Fired Power Stations
  • Cement Producers

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